Limited Edition Custom Kit

Pernod Ricard USA

Absolut Vodka Flavor Infuser Kit

Absolut was looking to build a kit that held 3 – 750 ml bottles of Absolut, shaker, martini glass, flavor infuser, jigger, stir spoon, muddler, measuring shot, keychain, and drink recipes. Our goal was to award the most well known bartenders, but also inform them of new drink recipes; all the while implementing the “WOW” factor by adding innovative, yet subtle branding techniques.

We presented the concept and idea, purchased the rolling case and gutted it, designed the inside foam to make sure all fit, sourced the metal plate and application, ordered and shipped all components to Sunrise Identity warehouse, kitted 20 rolling cases, made sure the packaging was tight and secure from breakage by using thicker boxes and bubble wrap inside, distributed to 20 individual Las Vegas night clubs, all the while staying within their $500.00 budget per kit and using only socially responsible factories to ensure the safety of materials.